Software for your value and competence management

Capture Analysis and evaluation Development from Values and Competences

The ValCom® software - The basis for your value and competence management

We have incorporated experience from two decades of value and competence assessments into our trend-setting software. In a development and testing process lasting several years, we have created a modern, flexible and intuitively operable software that is consistently oriented towards the needs of our customers.

When designing the ValCom® software, we were guided in particular by the following requirements:

Your benefit

Contemporary, browser-based software

Simple and intuitive operability

Flexible adaptation to the requirements of the companies

Meaningful evaluations and reports

Easy integration of already existing value and competence models

Economical solutions with individual billing or flat rate

High data security and compliance with DSGVO requirements

Scientifically sound procedure

Integrated value and competence recording with ValCom® - Three levels, four procedures

We have worked with ValCom® A concept has been implemented that includes the recording of values and competences as well as the targeted development of values and competences at all levels. Levels in one holistic, integrated concept enables:



Diverse evaluations, reporting and development recommendations

ValCom® is an integrated concept of value and competence assessment that enables an in-depth analysis and evaluation of the results and thus a targeted value and competence management at all levels of an organisation.

The evaluations and reports are the basis for targeted development processes of the organisation, the teams and the employees in connection with well-founded counselling talks. The software offers you, among other things

  • 360 degree comparisons, self and peer assessments
  • Recording basic values and competences of employees with whom one does not yet have common experience, e.g. in the selection of applicants.
  • Recording of values and competences for specific functions with target profiles
  • diverse comparisons at organisational and team level across several levels, e.g. comparison of managers and employees in production as opposed to administration
  • Query of additional characteristics via an open input field, e.g. previous qualifications or experience
  • meaningful graphics and tables for the analysis and evaluation of values and competences
  • Graphical representation of the simple standard deviations
  • Precise, usable textual references for analysing and evaluating the results with action-oriented development recommendations
  • PDF reporting for participants, learning partners, managers, etc. as required.

strategische personalentwicklung

future learning

Targeted value and competence development based on the observations

Values and competences cannot be taught.

However, they can be built up in a self-organised way mainly in work processes, with accompanying coaching and partly in supplementary training processes as well as supporting further training measures.

Our Service package enables these development processes in an optimal form:

  • Competent Counselling and accompaniment by our experienced senior consultants
  • Sound analyses and evaluations with graphical and verbal feedback
  • Practical recommendations for the targeted development of values and competences
  • White papers and a wide range of specialist publications with selected practical applications
  • Practical, modularised web-based training and explanatory videos
  • Workshop series on values and competence management
  • Training as a Certified ValCom® Values and Competence Manager
  • Network of ValCom® consultants to exchange experiences

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