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Completely new business models, which are emerging more and more frequently in the course of the digital transformation, have profound consequences for the demands on employees. Stock learning in seminars with an efficiency of less than 10 % cannot even come close to meeting this need. Instead, employees must prepare for challenges in the future that we do not yet know, for professions that do not yet exist and for the use of technologies that have not yet been developed.

This will only be possible if employees build up their abilities to cope with future challenges in a self-organised and creative way with the help of digital systems, i.e. competences, and act flexibly, with foresight, with initiative, but especially with a clear value orientation. The learning world must be a mirror image of the working world. Value and competence development cannot be treated separately because competence development always presupposes the internalisation of values as a folder of self-organised action.

That is why we have implemented an integrated development concept with ValCom®, which is based on value and competence capture software. We describe this field-tested approach in our white paper, which you can obtain here: Whitepaper

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