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"What you can't measure, you can't steer".
Peter Drucker[1]

For the path to value and competence development, a paradigm shift in corporate learning is required with a shift from knowledge to value and competence goals. Employees can only master their future challenges together if their ways of acting are shaped by values such as responsibility and respect, but also by a consistent orientation towards norm and law and their network, with distinctive education and creativity, oriented towards individual and common goals.

Since values form the core of competences, the development of values and competences cannot be considered separately, as is predominantly practised. Rather, values and competences are two sides of the same coin.

berufliche kompetenzenIt is not possible to draw conclusions directly from values to competences or to draw conclusions from competences for the values of a person. However, it can be very helpful for targeted staff development to determine not only the characteristics of self-organised action, i.e. the competences, but also what drives the staff member and what folders he or she uses to guide his or her self-organised action. Only then can a coherent overall picture of an employee be obtained.

My experience over the past two years has shown that the recording of values and competences can be applied in a variety of ways in the areas of organisational, team and staff development.

The interplay of value and competence recording can be illustrated by two practical examples.

Example 1 Employee selection:

If, for example, a management position is to be filled and three comparably competent applicants are considered, the respective value profiles of the applicants in comparison to the team value profile can provide valuable information for an accurate selection decision.

Example 2: Developing leadership skills and team culture

In a client project, the manager felt that she was not achieving the desired effect with her way of leading. Therefore we proceeded as follows:

  • Capturing leadership competencies:
    • Self-assessment by the manager
    • External assessment by all employees, which we have aggregated to ensure anonymity

Comparison with the target competence profile for managers.

  • Recording of the team values and thus the leadership culture by all team members via value examples that are oriented towards the leadership culture:
    • Assessment of the actual values: Current leadership culture
    • Recording the desired values: What should the leadership culture be like for the team to be more successful?

      Comparison with the target values that the company had set itself.

The results were analysed and evaluated in a joint workshop between the manager and his or her staff under our moderation. From this, the participants derived targeted development measures for the manager and the team.  

Many companies and organisations already have value and competence models without being able to record them professionally. Therefore, within the framework of Valcom ( we have designed our solution to be consistently flexible, so that we can record any number of values and competences, but also different definitions, action anchors or value examples, on the basis of browser-based software in addition to our values and competences model.

The development of our value and competence assessment software and the conception of the respective development concepts is a dynamic process of ongoing optimisation. Therefore, we are looking for partners for pilot projects in which we can consistently expand our experience. We offer our partners the opportunity to benefit from our experience and to implement trend-setting solutions for value and competence recording as well as development at fair conditions.

Therefore, we ask you to contact us if you belong to the following target groups and see the need to develop company education systems towards Future Learning with targeted value and competence management:

  • Companies and public-law organisationsDesign and implementation of a project of targeted values, culture and competence management at organisational, team and employee level with our support.
  • Management consultants and training providers: Realisation of a future-oriented business model in partnership with us.

We would be very happy to have a conversation about this.


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