werte und kompetenzen erfassen

How you can record values and competences and develop them in a targeted way

The challenges in human resources management have grown significantly due to the digital transformation, but also current developments such as the pandemic and the war in Eastern Europe. Employees and teams cannot be prepared for the current and future challenges with the usual, knowledge-oriented stock learning. Rather, the more open the future is, the more important values and competencies become.

In our webinar with Roman Sauter and Prof. Dr Werner Sauter, the conceptual developers of the ValCom® recording software for values and competences, you will find solutions for the following challenges:

  • How can the Recruiting Are applicants with the right attitude and the necessary action skills selected accurately?
  • How can the targeted development of employees and managers in the work process?
  • How can the Employee satisfaction be promoted through needs-based career counselling?
  • How can the Performance of the teams and the organisation be developed in a targeted manner?
  • How can a Culture of respectful and self-organised learning and action be created throughout the organisation?

Learn how to professionally record and specifically develop the values and competences of applicants, your employees, your teams and the organisation.

When? 31.03.2022 - 10:00 am to 11:00 am
With whom? Roman Sauter and Werner Sauter
Price? Free of charge
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