Tailor-made in-house solutions for targeted value and competence development

" People are unteachable, but capable of learning".

Horst Siebert

Future Learning means a paradigm shift in corporate learning, away from formal learning goals, the same for everyone, towards individual or team-based value and competence goals. The planning of learning processes is increasingly self-organised within an enabling framework by the employees or teams themselves. Learning success is measured by the respective project and work results, i.e. performance. The lecturers and trainers become learning facilitators.

Employees are usually used to teaching arrangements that are characterised by knowledge orientation and external control. Therefore, it has proven to be useful to support them on their way to becoming Workplace Learning via a Social Blended Learning Arrangement from their current learning world. In doing so, they record their own values and competences, define their individual value and competence goals in discussion with the learning facilitators and agree on suitable practical tasks or projects with their manager.

Our experts, Prof. Dr Werner Sauter and Roman SauterOn this basis, we develop customised learning solutions for you in a collaborative process with your education experts. We proceed as follows:

Without costs

  1. Workshop to define your development needs with your education experts- 3 h
  2. Preparation of a customised, conceptual offer by our experts
  3. Joint optimisation of the development concept with your education experts

 After the order has been placed, the agreed measures are implemented, if desired with observation by staff from your educational department. Basically, our experts offer the following development areas.

Practice-Project-Related Skilled Worker Development

Professionals build up their values and competences in a targeted manner in an integrated development measure in which practical applications form the "common thread" of the learning processes. Our experts design and accompany these learning arrangements, while your experts take on the role of expert coaches.

Practical project-based leadership development

Leaders develop their value and competences in a targeted manner in an integrated development measure in which formal and informal learning are systematically linked. Therefore, each manager works on his or her personal, challenging leadership project.

 Certified ValCom® value and competence managers

The participants experience the values and competences assessment and their analysis and evaluation from the perspective of an employee and derive their own values and competences development goals from this, so that they can design their personalised learning path. This "double-decker principle" enables participants to implement their own, organisation-specific project on value and competence identification and the targeted design of value and competence development in a self-organised manner. This results in tailor-made, innovative educational concepts for your organisation.

 Targeted value and competence development of teams

The development of team-related values and competences takes place on the basis of a values and competences assessment and their analysis and evaluation in a joint workshop. The teams derive their own value and competence development goals from this, so that you can design your team-related learning path in a self-organised way within the framework of team-related practical projects.

Talk to us. We will be happy to develop a customised proposal.