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"The biggest problem that professionals have is the lack of self-awareness....
We need someone to go on this journey with and talk about our personal challenges at work."

Josh Bershin, 2022

Josh Bershin, one of the leading HR tech analysts, rates digital coaching provision as a breakthrough innovation that will transform the corporate learning market. The coach is supposed to enable the coached person in the performance of complex actions to produce optimal results in a self-organised way. This means nothing other than developing competencies and values. Consequently, the self-knowledge called for by Josh Bershin necessarily presupposes that employees and managers gain transparency about their values, which determine their attitude, and about their competencies, which are expressed in their ability to act.

Therefore, based on our scientifically founded value and competence models, we have developed the recording software ValCom® Basic which we use to assess values and competences in coping with everyday and challenging tasks. This rating system, which is based on 16 action situations, each of which is assessed with four sentence completions, avoids socially desirable answers so that a realistic picture emerges. The competence assessment can be backed up by external assessments, e.g. by colleagues and managers. In comparison with predefined target profiles for the respective functions, needs-based, personalised development measures can be derived in a coaching discussion.

Effective coaching that develops values and competences can only be understood against the background of self-organisation theories.

Coaching is the counselling and guidance of an employee or manager to enable them to achieve optimal results in a self-organised manner when dealing with everyday and challenging tasks.

The coaching takes place in several steps:

  1. Preliminary discussion online to clarify needs (approx. 1 h):
  • Reflection on the current challenges
  • Clarification of individual career goals for the coming years
  • Importance of values and competences for individual development
  • Procedures for assessing values and competences
  1. Transparency about the values and competencies ( approx. 30 minutes)
  • Values recording - self-assessment
  • Competence assessment - Self-assessment
  • Competence assessment - external assessment by colleagues and the manager
  1. Coaching conversation online for targeted values and competence development (approx. 2 h)
  • Analysis and evaluation of the coverage results
  • Independent definition of two to three development goals in each case
  • Identify challenges in the work process or in practice projects where the desired values and competences can be built up.
  • Evaluate and select possible ways of developing values and competences,
  • Plan and implement personalised value and competence development
  • Prepare a development discussion with the respective manager
  1. Community of Practice for targeted value and competence development
  • Network for the exchange of experiences in targeted value and competence development

The following results for the companies and organisations Advantages:

  • Accurate selection of applicants with the right attitude and the required skills to act
  • Targeted and efficient development of employees and managers in the work process
  • Satisfied employees through needs-based career counselling
  • Targeted increase in the performance of the teams


for an approx. 3 h online coaching for targeted value and competence development with Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter:

  • Individual coaching 480 Euro
  • from 10 coaching processes 440 Euro each
  • from 20 coaching processes 400 euros each
  • from 50 coaching processes 360 euros each

incl. values and competences assessment, plus VAT.

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