Counselling and accompaniment

We advise and accompany you in the Needs assessment, the Conceptual design, the Implementation and Implementation with the aim of making their organisation, their teams and their employees fit for the challenges of the new world of work.

Our concept of counselling and guidance is jointly adapted to your specific needs. They can either implement the following modules individually or initiate the entire process with a duration of approximately one year. In each module, they build up the necessary values and competences in a self-organised way so that they take responsibility for the change process from the very beginning.

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* All modules can be booked individually and adapted according to need. Take Contact with us.

Module 1: Needs analysis and project framework / creation of an organisation-specific values and competences model

Description: In an orientation workshop, we analyse with you the need for change in corporate learning resulting from the development of the world of work. From this we derive needs-based value and competence models, the basis for organisation-wide value and competence development.

Goals: Develop a values and competences framework for the organisation. Create the communicative and cultural basis for organisation-wide values and competence management.


  • Orientation workshop with decision-makers
  • Analysis and assessment of the need for change
  • Development or adaptation of the organisation-specific values and competences model
  • Recording and evaluating the values and competences ACTUAL and DESIRED of the organisation
  • Development of the values and competences framework: target profiles
  • Communicating the new mission of corporate learning

Corporate Learning

Module 2: Implementation of value and competence management / development of corporate learning

Description: Future corporate learning requires value and competence managers who design and implement the enabling space for self-organised learning and work, accompany and support learning processes and coach managers. Within the framework of this module, the future value and competence managers, but also the learning facilitators, experience Future Learning as learners, in order to build up their own values and competences and to develop needs-based learning concepts.

Goals: Value and competence development of the value and competence managers and learning facilitators as well as development of the organisation-specific enabling space (Learning Experience Platform)


  • Experiencing values and competences
  • Analyse and evaluate acquisition results
  • Define individual value and competence goals
  • Design personalised learning processes in a self-organised way
  • Development of an own didactic-methodical conception and ongoing design of Future Learning
  • Designing the enabling space

Certificate of Completion: Certified value and competence developers

Leadership development

Description: In Future Learning, managers take on the role of a development partner (mentor) for their employees. In this module, managers learn how to implement the values and competences assessment of their employees, how to agree on individual development goals and measures within the framework of development discussions, how to ensure the necessary framework conditions and how to promote personalised development processes.

GoalsLeaders develop their values and competences as a development partner for their staff.


  • Plan and implement value and competence assessment of employees
  • Initiate and enable value and competence development processes of their teams
  • Conduct discussions for the targeted development of the employees' individual values and competences
  • Identify target-oriented practical tasks and agree them with the employees
  • Ensure the necessary framework conditions for the required learning processes
  • Promote the individual learning processes of employees
  • Conduct regular feedback sessions

Certificate of Completion: Certificate as a value- and competence-oriented manager ValCom®


Team development

Description: In this module, teams analyse and evaluate their values and competences and derive their target profiles, development goals and appropriate measures.

Goals: Increase team cooperation and performance


  • Values and competence assessment in the team
  • Analysis and evaluation of the coverage results
  • Developing the mission of value and competence development in the team
  • Derivation of target profiles and development goals
  • Identification and planning of team-related development measures
  • Development of the new role of the manager as a value and competence manager
  • Implementation and ongoing evaluation of the development measures

Certificate of Completion: Certificate as value- and competence-oriented team developer ValCom®

Employee development

Description: In this module, employees independently analyse and evaluate their individual values and competences on the basis of self-assessments and assessments by others. From this they derive their personal value and competence goals as well as suitable development measures.

Target: Develop employees' attitudes and improve their performance


  • Developing a working and learning culture of self-organisation
  • Assessment of values and competences (self-assessments and assessments by others)
  • Analysis and evaluation of the acquisition results in comparison with its target profile
  • Define your own role and tasks in the team
  • Identification and self-organised planning of personalised development measures
  • Regular reflection on the personalised development process with learning partners, learning facilitators, team and manager
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