Education and training

We learn from others, but with lonely brains.

Rolf Arnold

Learning for the future world of work - Future Learning - is increasingly taking place in an agile manner in work processes and is characterised by the following principles (cf. Dräger, Müller-Eiselt 2015):

A lternating phases of learning, applying and adapting
G Common values and competence goals and self-organised collaboration in the team
I terative sprints with reflection and adjustment of the competence goals
L projects from real work processes with a direct application orientation.

The agile working methods therefore determine our agile training and further education offers and are consistently designed with values and competences in mind. This enables you to experience our Social blended learning We will use your learning experience to develop your own tailor-made solutions and implement them with professional support.

We hold our face-to-face events in an extraordinary location - the craftwerk in Berlin Link - through. There you will find the space and atmosphere for creative exchange at eye level.

If circumstances do not allow for face-to-face events, we conduct them with teams online.

soziale kompetenz

Picture @Jan Zülke

Our workshops:

Agile Values and Competence Development Consultant - Certificate Course
Leaders as value and competence managers of their teams and employees
Tailor-made in-house solutions for targeted value and competence development

Workshops in cooperation with our partners

Supplementary model for the values and competences counsellor as part of the further training to become a learning facilitator