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Certificate course

Learn tried and tested methods and applications for value and competence management in this certificate course and create your own concept and project planning.

Digital transformation, agility, self-organisation and networking are the main characteristics of the current changes in the world of work towards the New Work. The current personnel development concepts usually no longer do justice to these challenges because employees are not prepared for the future challenges with the previous stock learning.

Rather, they need competences and values as folders to be able to deal with future challenges in a self-organised and autonomous way. Human resource development with seminar-based teaching concepts is transforming into Future Learning in a culture of self-organisation.


In this workshop, we will work with you on all the basics, applications, solutions and methods you need to introduce and support targeted and effective value and competence management in an organisation. The certificate course workshop is characterised by a high level of practical relevance, as you will develop and implement your own values and competence management concept in the workshop in exchange with learning partners and professional learning support.

In close exchange with our experts and the other participants, you will learn how to design and implement target group-specific value and competence models for your organisation or clients. You will also experience how to use the Valcom® software to record values and competences and to evaluate them in a well-founded way, as well as tried and tested methods and process steps to develop competences and values in a needs-based and targeted manner.

The aim is to build up your competence as a value and competence counsellor specifically for your application practice.

This learning offer of the ValCom® Institute is based on the trend-setting concept of targeted value and competence development in social blended learning arrangements, which was developed by our scientific experts Prof. Dr. John Erpenbeck and Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter.


Definitions and basics

  • Consequences of the New Work for Future Learning 
  • Knowledge, qualifications, skills, competences and values 
  • Values: Pleasure values, Utility values, Ethical values and Social values 
  • Competences: Personal competences, Activity competences, Social competences Competences and Methodological Competences 


Development and introduction of value and competence models in practice

  • Implementation of the strategy and vision in an organisation-wide values and competence model 
  • Process and procedure for developing organisation-, team- and function-specific value and competence models 
  • Derivation of target profiles   
  • Communication concept to build acceptance 
  • Value and competence management at team and organisational level


Recording and evaluation of values and competences

  • Experience the capture of your personal values and competences on an individual level as well as on the level of your team 
  • Take advantage of the many possibilities offered by ValCom®Software 
  • Conduct successful evaluation interviews 
  • Capture and analyse values and competences at team and organisational level 
  • Capture and analyse values and competences in recruiting  
  • Derive value and competence goals 


Methods and applications for targeted value and competence development

  • Possibilities of targeted value and competence development 
  • Didactics and methodology of value and competence management 
  • Building and implementing an enabling framework (Learning Experience Platform) in an organisation. 
  • Targeted value and competence development of employees in social blended learning arrangements 
  • Advising employees on the analysis and evaluation of their recording results 
  • Coaching employees in the selection of suitable challenges in practice to shape their targeted development of values and competences 
  • Advice on the selection of needs-based methods of values and competence development with the help of the toolbox 
  • Vision of Social Workplace Learning 


Implementation of targeted value and competence management

  • Needs analysis and project framework 
  • Development of the values and competences framework 
  • Communication 
  • Development of values and competences of the education planners and learning facilitators  
  • Development of values and competences of managers as development partners of their employeesDevelopment of values and competences of teams 
  • Rollout: Value and competence development of all employees 
  • Evaluation and ongoing optimisation 


Target groups

  • Human Resources ManagersPersonnel developers, educational planners or academy directors who want to realise value and competence-oriented concepts of corporate learning.
  • Learning facilitators: Trainers, lecturers and consultants, but also specialists and managers who would like to design, implement and accompany innovative concepts for targeted value and competence development.


Participants use their own or our own resources for their learning processes. virtual development space for their personalised learning planning, communication and collaborative work with learning partners, as well as for building up the necessary specialist knowledge. For this purpose, we provide a wide range of media that can be used as needed:

  • Web Based Trainings and. Videos for targeted values and competence development
  • E-books from our experts on value and competence management
  • Whitepaper: Targeted value and competence management - holistic - action-oriented - economical
  • Reflections, fact sheets, checklists, planning aids for self-organised learning, user reports and case studies, etc.

Technical equipment required

Internet access, mobile end device or desktop PC with webcam as well as current browser and a headset


Spring 2022:

11.03.2022 First attendance date: Kickoff in Berlin or online
12.03.2022 until 31.03.2022 Self-organised practical phase
01.04.2022 Second attendance date: Workshop in Berlin or online
02.04.2022 until 27.04.2022 Self-organised practical phase
28.04.2022 Third attendance date: Final workshop online only

Summer 2022:

05.05.2022 First attendance date: Kickoff in Berlin or online
06.05.2022 until 01.06.2022 Self-organised practical phase
02.06.2022 Second attendance date: Workshop in Berlin or online
03.06.2022 until 28.06.2022 Self-organised practical phase
29.06.2022 Third attendance date: Final workshop online only

Autumn 2022:

14.09.2022 First attendance date: Kickoff in Berlin or online
15.09.2022 until 11.10.2022 Self-organised practical phase
12.10.2022 Second attendance date: Workshop in Berlin or online
13.10.2022 until 08.11.2022 Self-organised practical phase
09.11.202 Third attendance date: Final workshop online only


In-house appointments for companies by arrangement. Please contact You us.


Certificate as Agile Values and Competence Consultant

Price per participant:in

2450,00 Euro or 4 instalments à 612,50 Euro plus VAT.

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