Develop your competent organisation with consistent value orientation

The ValCom® Institute for Value and Competence Management enables to identify and systematically develop the competencies and values of individuals, teams, and entire organizations based on our browser and scientific ValCom® software. This is our passion, our mission.

Why do we need targeted values and competence development?

Employees cannot be prepared for future challenges that we do not yet know today with "stockpiling of knowledge". They need Competences and thus Values as orientation to be able to deal with it in a self-organised way.

Value and competence development - integrated and holistic

Values, as frames of self-organised action, form the cores of Competences. This makes them two sides of the same coin.

Therefore we measure and develop Values and Competences in an integrated approach involving all forms of expression.

We want to contribute to creating a new foundation for corporate learning in the digital transformation.

Because Future Learning is the foundation of the New Work.

berufliche kompetenzen

strategische personalentwicklung

Values and competence diagnosis and development at all levels

With ValCom® can Values and Competences be developed holistically at all levels in a targeted manner:

  • organisation-wide
  • for teams
  • individual

This enables you to systematically build a sustainable organisational, team and work culture. In addition, Valcom stands out® by its consistent development orientation and pronounced economic efficiency.

Competencies and values enable certainty of action - also in the future

The heart of our Development system is the ValCom® Values and competences model.

Values enable your employees to act in a self-organised way because they give them motivation and orientation. With our Value modelwhich we developed together with Prof. Dr. John Erpenbeck, we enable the professional recording and targeted development of values and thus the culture of an organisation and its teams.

The competence model is based on the competence model of Erpenbeck & Heyse and has been further developed in a consistent and practice-oriented way.



Your benefit

Make your organisation, your teams, your managers and your employees fit for the new challenges of the working world.

Build future values and competences (Future Skills)

Enable an agile working and learning culture of self-organisation

Flexible and scalable capture software

Simple and economical solution

Integration of existing value and competence models

Holistic approach from acquisition to development

Research and experience of our experts from over two decades

Highest standards for data security and data protection


ValCom® - the basis for a wide range of applications

Targeted value and competence management with ValCom® enables diverse applications at the level of the organisation, the teams, the leadership as well as the experienced and new, but also the future employees.

Our services at a glance

Values and Competence capture with the ValCom® software
Browser-based, clear, easy to use, informative, intuitive, economical

Integrated values and competence management
Goal-oriented development - cross-organisational, team-oriented and individual

Targeted values and competence development
in the workplace and in practical projects in social blended learning arrangements

Enabling Space / Learning Experience Ecosystem
Advice on the design of the Learning Experience Platform

Implementation process
From personnel development to strategic value and competence management at eye level

Development of the values and competences advisors
Targeted development of values and competences of the learning professionals in the "double decker" principle

strategische personalentwicklung

The values survey has given us insights that we would never have gained from a staff survey.

Jörg Monsig,Plant Manager Metall Lang Metallwarenproduktion Neubrandenburg GmbH

Book New Publication - Future Learning and New Work

Personalised and self-organised value and competence development 

A guide to corporate learning of the future: from management decision to implementation. With innovative development concepts that enable employees to express their values and Competences to build up in a self-organised way. 

  • Guidelines for the corporate learning of the future 
  • Competence development within the framework of social blended learning up to workplace learning 
  • Flow charts, checklists, reflection sheets and other materials
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